Mary’s Personal Story:

Mary Hammell has been a Reproductive Grief Advocate at a local, pregnancy medical clinic. She is a Bible scholar, disciple of Jesus Christ, mentor of women, taught Sunday school for many years. During her career, Mary was a vocational counselor, social service administrator, case manager with the economically disadvantaged and disabled, teacher, and a real estate broker. 

Mary obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Community Service and Public Affairs-Social Work, University of Oregon and a Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics, Luther Rice University and Seminary which included a thesis, “Science and Miracles of Faith.” She has been active with her local Right to Life chapter for which she was a board member for many years. She has also been active in community service organizations.

She and her husband are members at Covenant Life Fellowship where they host a Home Community fellowship group.  Mary also helps oversee the bookstore and library ministry, and is a mentor in the church counseling service.

Mary and her husband, Steve, were married over three years when it became clear that they were experiencing infertility. Over the years to follow, numerous tests and research were carried out with no successful pregnancy. Mary and Steve were able to adopt a two-year old girl who became their only daughter. They were grateful for this gift to their family. They praised God for the opportunity to raise her as their own.  Regardless, they yearned to expand their family with a biological child. They also unsuccessfully tried to adopt, again. As the years passed, Mary especially looked back with some regrets and had to come to terms with this loss between her and the Lord and the life that was different than what she expected. The Lord helped her understand His Sovereign grace and mercy and taught her to rejoice in the face of disappointment and loss.